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Skills for Growth – Early Years

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What is the Skills for Growth programme?

The Skills for Growth programme is fully-funded by the European Social Fund as part of Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s three-year plan to plug skills gaps identified by employers across different sectors in the city-region. Acorn Training have been appointed as the lead provider for Early Years training in Greater Manchester as part of the Skills for Growth programme. We offer a comprehensive set of fully-funded training courses to support employers and employees within the Early Years Sector. 

Who can we work with?

  • Nursery settings
  • Pre-School settings
  • Registered childminders
  • Other registered settings caring for children aged 0-5

What does the training cover?

The training has been designed to encompass the following areas:

  • Universal training for practitioners working within the early education/childcare sector within GM that seeks to improve their knowledge and understanding of supporting child development and learning from birth to 5 years, including the importance of high-quality interactions, effective engagement with parents and the role of early identification and intervention. 
  • Training that focuses on increasing practitioners’ knowledge and understanding of key development milestones from birth to age 5 across the EYFS Prime Areas of Learning and Development including speech, language and communication, physical development and social, emotional development and wellbeing.
  • Training that includes a focus on the impact of Covid-19 on child development, recognising the emerging evidence of and impact of increasing child development delays and support for practitioners in identifying and intervening to address child development concerns.
  • Support for practitioners with a focus on strengthening the skills required to become an effective early years practitioner, including:
    • Improving the quality of interactions and learning experiences
    • Building effective relationships with children and families
    • Effective engagement with parents including managing difficult conversations
    • Safe practice

Why learn with us?

Our team of curriculum developers have worked with early years employers to create a prospectus of bespoke programmes to meet the needs of the organisations and individuals. We work in partnership to understand the key objectives of the business and provide advice and guidance on how learning and development can contribute to their successes.

How can I find out more information?

To receive more information directly from us, please fill out our contact form and one of our business development team will get back to you or alternatively, download our Early Years Training Course Brochure for more information on the specific training courses available. 

Please visit the GMCA Skills Map for the full directory of training available to all sectors: https://gmskillsmap.co.uk/.