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IAG Services in Prisons

Acorn Training provide a range of IAG services in partnership with HMPPS as a direct training provider within many UK prison establishments including HMP Gartree and HMP Northumberland, and as a sub-contracted training provider through our CFO3 programme at HMP North Sea Camp. Acorn Training are committed to improving the lives of individuals that have offended by supporting their rehabilitation through our IAG services.

At many of our HMP establishments, appointment-led interviews will be conducted with all of the cohort to provide support throughout their sentences to identify their goals and to encourage skills building and vocational activities, functional skills, educational aims and employment opportunities on release. The IAG services will be tailored to the individuals’ short-term and long-term career goals. IAG services will intensify 12 weeks prior to the offender’s release, once again this support will be tailored to each prisoner with focus on breaking down barriers to employment for ex-offenders.

For some of our HMP Establishments, Acorn Training will be training identified Prisoners to receive a formal Information, Advice and Guidance Qualification and these individuals will work with the Acorn IAG team to deliver the full IAG service to the prison cohort.

Acorn Training continues their commitment to the ex-offenders they work with outside of the prison establishments via our support and employability programmes to ensure supported transitions back into the community and further support to enable individuals to contribute positively to society by gaining lasting life and employment skills with an aim to reduce recidivism.

For more information, please contact info@acorntraining.co.uk or download our Justice Services Guide below:

Acorn Training – A guide to our Justice Services