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Learning Support

Every Acorn Training learner who is completing an Apprenticeship is assigned a Learning Mentor shortly after enrollment. Your Learning Mentor is there to support you with any additional support you feel you may need through:


  • A review every 8 weeks
  • Short professional discussions focusing on skills, knowledge and behaviours in the workplace
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Equipping learners with the tools to progress and complete the learning
  • A listening ear

We are lucky to have high levels of knowledge within the team of Additional Learner Support and have lots of experience in providing support and signposting to different outside agencies, or arrange extra support with staff within Acorn. The Learner Support team are from a diverse background and have many years combined experience of supporting people with additional needs. The team also attend regular up to date training.

Upon enrolling with us, you will be expected to complete an online assessment called ‘Cognassist’ that focuses on the eight areas of your brain that controls all aspects of learning and will find areas in which you will be offered intervention support to develop these skills. We will discuss any learning needs that you are aware of, ensuring that your Tutor Assessors are informed with potential additional support. You will also have the support from the team including regular reviews with our Learning Mentors.

The wellbeing of our learners is extremely important to us. You will be assigned a Learning Mentor and have mandatory reviews throughout your Apprenticeship, but you can also contact them should you need some support in between reviews. We can seek out any additional support, resources or programmes that will be beneficial.

We can provide additional support for the four areas of need- Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction, Social and Emotional Menthol Health and Sensory and Physical needs.

If you have a pre-existing additional need or any worries due to returning to learning there is support available to you. The learning support team will listen to your difficulties and take a learner led approach to next steps. You can contact learning support directly or speak to your assessor.

As part of your enrolment, you may need to complete an online maths and English test to determine levels in these areas, this can signpost you as a learner, and Acorn Training as an education provider with any gaps in knowledge that we can look into improving to ensure the best success in your role.

Based on your enrolment for your course, our team will give you the opportunity to tell us about any diagnosed areas of need that you are aware of, but also address any concerns you have, for example, you feel you need additional support with completing assignments. Your Cognassist assessment will give you specific interventions and with the Learning Mentor support, you will have the opportunity to link the information to directly support you in your role and course.

You will be assigned an assessor who will coach you throughout the Apprenticeship programme and they are contactable at any point needed alongside their scheduled meetings with them. We use software called ‘OneFile’ where you will upload your assignments and throughout your course you will see the amount of work that you have completed as a percentage, until completion of your EPA. Your assessor will provide feedback on the work you submit and will give you some pointers for support if you need them. 

For more information, please contact: learningsupport@acorntraining.co.uk